Human Response to Disease

An orchestra is a divergent array of dynamic forces that converge into a beautiful result we call music…

An orchestra is an array of dynamic forces that converge into a beauty we call music.

…wind across reeds or through pipes, controlled by subtle positional changes of keys, valves, and slides; percussive stroke from snare or tympani; strings that resonate from bow or pizzicato – all combining into a wondrous result. Vibrations translated into sound move us through the range of human emotion, and yet, all this is impossible without the purposeful control and direction of a master conductor.

In the case of the immune system, the T regulatory (Treg) lymphocyte can be viewed as a conductor, and the purpose of TregTherapeutics’ product is to allow that conductor to guide the system into homeostasis. TregTherapeutics’ tolerogenic induction approach is designed to create a specific environment, a tolerogenic concert hall, if you will, that allows the Treg to conduct that multifaceted orchestra, the immune system, into a state of restoration and healing – truly a concert worth attending.



TregTherapeutics is a company focused on immunotherapy solutions for a range of autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases.



Our tolerogenic approach represents a paradigm shift in the design of efficacious and sustained disease remediation.



Our technology is exceptionally versatile, encompassing a broad range of therapeutic targets and market opportunities.



TregTherapeutics’ technology platform is transformative in the truest sense
of the word.

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